Practice Charter

  • To provide clean, comfortable, safe and accessible premises for all of our patients regardless of any mobility, disabled, or special needs requirements.
  • To treat all patients with confidentiality, courtesy, respect and dignity at all times
  • To have respect for the religious and cultural beliefs of patients, as well as for their ethic origins and sexual orientation
  • To keep you informed of services we offer and provide appropriate information, which may affect your health treatment.
  • To refer you to an appropriate specialist, acceptable to you, if your doctor thinks it is necessary.
  • To ensure that you have the right to be registered with a General Practitioner of your choice (subject to their list being open), and a right to change to a different doctor if you choose.
  • To ensure that our medical/clinical team will aim to begin their surgeries and clinics on time. Any delay will be due to a medical emergency. Where there is a delay we will endeavor to give an explanation and offer an alternative appointment if this is preferable to you.
  • To guarantee to give you a routine appointment with a GP within 2 working days
  • To ensure that routine appointments with GPs are available as far as possible in advance, normally up to 2 months for appointments made at the surgery and up to 1 month for those made on line.
  • To offer you an urgent appointment with a GP as soon as possible that day if you feel that your condition warrants it.
  • To provide a Home Visit service, but only to those who are unable to get to the surgery either through illness or disability
  • To have authorised repeat prescriptions ready for collection within 2 working days.

We welcome all comments and suggestions from all members of the community in relation to ways in which we can improve or enhance the patient experience for the wider population. Suggestions should be passed to the reception staff for appropriate action to be considered.

  • Please reserve urgent appointments for medical emergencies that cannot wait until the next day.
  • Please telephone for essential home visits before 1030 so that the doctors can plan visits effectively. Only ask for a home visit if you are unable to get to the surgery because of illness or disability.
  • If you cannot keep your appointment, please cancel in advance to allow others to be seen.
  • Individual appointments are for one patient only. If more than one person in the family or your household needs to be seen please ensure that the receptionist is told at the time of making the initial booking so that an appropriate appointment is made.
  • Each appointment time is approximately ten minutes. If you feel that you may need a longer appointment, please tell the receptionist so that a suitable time can be arranged with your doctor.
  • If you have a repeat prescription, please think ahead and remember to order your medication in good time. If the prescription is to be returned by post please allow a little longer and use a first class stamp – alternatively use our online services
  • If you change your address, name or telephone number please notify the reception staff as soon as possible.
  • If you have to telephone the surgery for results please ring AFTER 14.00
  • Please show the same courtesy expected from us, to us.